Özülkü Group of Companies

The Özülkü Group of Companies, established by Ş. Bülent ÖZÜLKÜ in 1989 to operate in construction and healthcare business segment...;

  • Aykent Construction & Contracting Inc. Co., (1989)
  • Adana Private Healthcare Inc. Co., (1995)
  • Metropol Healthcare & Construction Ltd. Co.
  • Private Özülkü Medical Center, (2000)


The mission of Özülkü Hospitals Group is to maintain its reference hospital status in the healthcare business in Adana by benefit from latest technology and 17 years of experience, within the framework of internationally accepted healthcare standards and ethics. Aiming to achieve being a hospital distinguishing with its respectable corporate identity and medical progress, Özülkü Hospitals Group respects patient rights, recognizes its social responsibilities and is aware of the importance of patient and family satisfaction..


The Özülkü Group of Companies aim at becoming a “country-wide, then global healthcare provider” by providing services in other parts of the country and the world where there is need; it is proud of building a model and brand in healthcare with its highly qualified team, modern infrastructure as well as pioneering applications utilizing latest technology and great experience.


Our Quality Policy is to provide patient and employee satisfaction oriented high-quality service supporting the development via continuing training and using measurement and improvement mechanisms with the managerial support, based on national and international standards and direction..


  • The first and the largest network in private healthcare of Adana and its region
  • Modern facilities and latest medical equipment
  • The biggest neonatal intensive care unit in Private Health Sector hospitals
  • The first neonatal transport team in Turkey, with special equipped transport ambulance and annual average of 700 transfers
  • Attractive employer of physicians
  • Long track record of successful expansion since 1998, and 19 years of experience
  • Annual average 500000 outpatients
  • Annual average 45000 surgeries
  • Annual average of 3000 newborn infant discharges with full recovery